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Dundjinni was originally developed and published by Fluid Entertainment. Fluid Entertainment is a small group of individuals (designers, programmers, artists) with many years of experience in the software gaming industry. As a company, Fluid has been making software for gamers, including for RPG players, for six years.

All rights to the Dundjinni application and intellectual property was purchased by Dundjinni Enterprises, Inc. in late 2006. Dundjinni Enterprises seeks to improve upon the Dundjinni Product with additional patches to the current version, as well as developing and releasing a 2.0 version of Dundjinni.

Dundjinni was written in Java.

The name of the Dundjinni genie is "Keith"


Dundjinni was created with a few goals in mind:

  1. Allow users to make maps in an easy way. No calculating the arc-tangent of the interior, load-bearing wall of a tavern.
  2. Allow users to make beautiful maps. CAD sucks. And those Warhammer 40K dudes have all those cool dioramas; it's about time we showed them who's really boss around here.
  3. Allow users to pull all the necessary adventure stats together in an organized way. My campaign notes that span 20 years look like a paper mill threw up. Yours?
  4. Allow users to easily generate and create the stats for an adventure. I'd play a lot more D&D if it took me less time to prepare MY adventure.
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