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Free Demo

This free interactive demo lets you make maps and adventures just like in the full version of the product. Printing and saving functions have been disabled in the demo. The art available to you is a subset of that found in the full version. To help you with the finer details of the product, you may also wish to download the User's Manual.

When you decide to buy the full version of Dundjinni, make sure to remove the demo version first.

PC Instructions

If you used the previous demo UNINSTALL THAT FIRST. If you added any custom art to the demo (like our Download of the Week) the Map folder will not be removed during the uninstall. Make sure you remove it by hand.

Download this file and run it to install the Dundjinni Demo (updated 03/19/2006):

EXE File Icon Free Dundjinni Demo (PC) (19.4 MB EXE)

If you don't have Java 1.4.2 or higher installed on your system already then you will also need to download and install Sun's Java Run-Time Environment available from our Updates and Support page. Or you can follow the link to the SUN website and get the latest Java version. When you use Vista, you need Java 1.6 or higher.

Mac Instructions

Double-click to unzip the file, then run the demo installer (updated 12/21/2006):

EXE File Icon Free Dundjinni Demo (Mac) (6MB zip)

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