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Reviews and Awards

Nominated for the 2004 Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (ENnies): Best Electronic Product (not free)

Effie Rover's RPG Library Gold Wyrm Award
A Must-See RPG Site

Winner of Effie Rover's GOLD WYRM RPG Web Site Award

Praise from the Industry

“Created by Fluid Entertainment, this is one of the coolest software products I have seen for RPG players and DMs. The interface makes it easy to create professional-looking maps. And there's a lot more to it!” — Monte Cook

"I was sent a copy of Fluid Software's Dundjinni mapping software, which totally rocks on toast! I mean, this is almighty wicked cool, and not JUST because it's Mac compatible (System 10.3 +) as well as Windows-ready." — John Kovalic, author of Dork Tower

“First came Graph Paper… Then came Battle Mats… Now there is Dundjinni! Every gaming group needs this program!” — Jeff Almeida, Alea Tools

“When Scott showed me what Dundjinni could do at GenCon SoCal, I was blown away.” — Chris Pramas, President of Green Ronin

“Dundjinni adds great depth and finish to the D20 play experience.” — Matt Wilson, President of Privateer Press and creator of Warmachine

“Dundjinni is an amazing piece of software which allows you to create gorgeous maps and adventures. Every DM needs this great piece of software.” — Jeffrey Visgaitis, Inner Circle Games


Comunidad Umbría: Dundjinni v.1.0.4 (English translation) by staff
“Score: 8 [out of 10]... In short, a program that I recommend to you.” This is our favorite quote as translated by Google: “Nothing is perfect in this life. We threw pálante.”

Morgrave University: Dundjinni (mapping software) by nightchilde
“9 out of 10... Overall, it rocks…. It’s the only program I’m going to be using to make my maps from here on out.”

Dead Dragon Society: Dundjinni Mapmaker reviewed by Cadius
“The program is surprisingly easy to use, especially when compared to the more powerful CAD-based Campaign Cartographer...Dundjinni’s easy-to-use system is well worth the $40. For professional-quality maps, I have not seen a better program yet.”

The Wargamer: Dundjinni by Jim Zabek
“My recommendation is that anyone playing pen and paper RPGs should head over to Dundjinni’s website to order a jinni for themselves and let it out of the bottle. A wish for more beautiful maps is going to be granted.”

Fictional Reality: September 2004 (16.4 MB ZIP/PDF, pg. 39) by Mark Theurer
“...if you’re the kind of GM that wants to create and print out your own maps, I don’t think you can find something better or easier than this.”

Dwarven Tavern Cyberzine: Dundjinni Review by Jeff Goins
“It was very user friendly...I give this program full marks, five axes [out of five]”

GamingReport.com: Dundjinni by Butch Curry
“And quality really is the watchword here. The maps you can create with Dundjinni look great...”

3rdEdition.org: Dundjinni Review by Michael Sigler
“Making a map is incredibly easy and they have definitely made it simple for absolutely anyone to create wonderful maps. And by gorgeous maps, I mean absolutely stunning.”

DnD - Gate: Dundjinni Platinum (English translation) by Gordon Gurray
“Rating: 4.5 of 5.0 possible.”

RPG Opinions: Persuaded me to use mapping software again! by dpmcalister
“Overall, Dundjinni is an excellent map-making program...you have a map-making program that is second to none.”

Silven X Roads: RPG Accessory Review: Dundjinni Platinum by Bradford Ferguson
“...it excels at what it should excel at: making maps.”

www.DRoSI.de: Universell - Dundjinni (English translation) by Thomas König
“Graphics: 4.5, Text: 4.5, Fun: 5, Value: 4 [out of 5]...Dundjinni is the program after which I always searched.” This is our favorite quote as translated by Google: “The modular dimension it should be considered square and be easy these to fill. But Dundjinni supplies still much many more.”

User Feedback

“What has often take 6 or more hours, I can now do in 2 at most. My players now look forward to viewing my maps.” — Alynnalizza, Dundjinni User

“It is intuitive, simple to use, and produces beautiful maps without me having to wade through a manual or learning a lot of CAD-based commands. I am not an artist, but that does not matter as Dunjinni lets me create maps that are visually stunning and lets me fully express the ideas I have.” — Frost, Dundjinni User

“My game has been completely revolutionized by Dunjinni and my planning time as a game master has been made 1000 times more efficient.” — onimusha, Dundjinni User

“I have purchased and/or experimented with most of the mapping programs out there...This has been the easiest program to learn. It has produced the best results. It is the most flexible. The company support has exceeded all the others.” — Cecil, Dundjinni User

“Maps with this program are so easy to do and the outcome is beautiful.” — Alyn, Dundjinni User

“I have been waiting for this for a very long time.” — fallen knight, Dundjinni User

“I've never found a more user-friendly, intuative mapping program like Dunjinni...And, the fantasitic support, from both Fluid and the user community, has exceeded all my expectations.” — Metajock, Dundjinni User

“Dundjinni is quite powerful but has a small learning curve...Everything about Dundjinni adds to the fun of gaming!” — maraich, Dundjinni User

“I've never experienced such a high level of customer service from a software company.” — Ace, Dundjinni User

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