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Updates and Support


Dundjinni (PC)

Here are the latest product updates for PC (updated 3/20/2008). You need to install each patch in order if you are updating from v.1.0.

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.1 (7.88 MB EXE) - updates from v.1.0 to v.1.0.1

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.2 (2.22 MB EXE) - updates from v.1.0.1 to v.1.0.2

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.4 (18.93 MB EXE) - updates from v.1.0.2 to v.1.0.4

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.5 (1.5 MB JAR) - updates from v.1.0.4 to v.1.0.5

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.6 (2.15 MB JAR) - updates from v.1.0.5 to v.1.0.6

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.7 (1.9 MB JAR) - updates from v.1.0.6 to v.1.0.7

Art Packs (PC)

Download this file (updated 12/7/2004) if you are getting the message, "The Installer requires a DLL to be installed in your path." Copy the DLL to your Windows directory.

Installer DLL (25 KB ZIP)

Dundjinni and Art Packs (Mac)

Here are the latest product updates for Mac (updated 3/20/2008). Note the first Mac release was v.1.0.4

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.5 (1.5 MB JAR) - updates from v.1.0.4 to v.1.0.5

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.6 (2.15 MB JAR) - updates from v.1.0.5 to v.1.0.6

Dundjinni Patch v.1.0.7 (1.9 MB JAR) - updates from v.1.0.6 to v.1.0.7


Users have experienced a print preview problem for adventures with Java 1.5. Here is a patch that modifies the stylesheets and fixes the problem (updated 12/10/2004).

Stylesheet Patch (4 KB ZIP)

Here is a set of folder that will make it easy for you to create a Modern genre in Dundjinni and give you a place to put modern user art and Downloads of the Week (updated 5/6/2005).

Modern Genre (4 KB ZIP)

User's Manual

This is the latest version of the User's Manual in HTML and CHM format (updated 11/18/2004 and included in the 1.0.4 patch):

Dundjinni Manual (2.01 MB ZIP)


This is the first Dundjinni tutorial, and more are on the way (updated 10/18/2004):

Jailbreak (9.09 MB PDF and PPS)

Logo Objects

For use with maps containing DJE Art.

For use with maps containing DJE Art. Best for black-and-white.

Other Files

All version of Dundjinni, including the free demo, require Sun's Java 1.4 or higher to be installed on your system. You can get Java directly from Sun's Java site or from here.

Sun's Java Run-Time Environment (v.1.4.2_02) (14.51 MB EXE)

Sun's Java Run-Time Environment (v. (15.53 MB EXE)

If you are having trouble seeing files within a ZIP, you may need a Windows patch. Either contact Microsoft or download it here. (Note: This version is not compatible with non-English versions of Windows.)

EXE File Icon Windows ZIP File Patch


Frequently Asked Questions

I have ordered Dundjinni. Now how do I get it?

If you orded Dundjinni you should have received two emails from us. The first confirms that your order has been placed, and the second confirms that payment has been accepted. (If you have not received either you may have mistyped your email address, or you may have a SPAM filter that is rejecting our email.)

From any Store page you can click on the Order Tracking link to view all orders you have ever placed with us listed by order number. You can click on the order number to view the Order Details page. If you have not yet paid for the order there will be a Pay Now link.

Once payment has been accepted the Order Details page will have a link for downloading your order. Immediately below that there will be a registration code that you need during installation. You can download your order any number of times. The download link will remain active for approximately six months after your order has been placed.

Can I buy a non-download version that you can ship to me?

On 12/10/2004 we added a CD-ROM version to our online store. At this time we are only shipping to addresses in the US. However, our product is available at retail game stores through various distributors including Alliance, Aladdin Distributors, Blackhawk Hobby Distributors, Esdevium Games, Fantasiapelit Tudeer Oy, Gameboard Distribution, Hobbygames Ltd., Lion Rampant Imports, Millennium, New Century Distribution, Pegasus Spiele Verlags, Raven Distribution, RPV Distribution, Walrus & Carpenter, and Welt der Spiele Distribution. Note, that includes not only the US, but also Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Finland.

I am a retailer (or distributor). How do I order Dundjinni?

You can order it through several different distributors (see the previous question for a list). For more information please email Ross Jepson, our sales manager.

How do I get technical support?

Please visit the Support section of the Dundjinni Forums. We have a webmaster, several moderators, and countless helpful users that frequent the forums.

Okay, so what is Dundjinni?

It is utility software that allows GMs to create and print customized maps and adventures. For a more complete description, visit the Features page.

The best answer to this question is to download the free demo from the Dundjinni Demo page and see for your self.

What is the feature set for Dundjinni?

A feature matrix is on the Features page.

How do I make a map?

The layout is pretty simple and similar to a sophisticated paint program. However, Dundjinni understands the difference between a wall, a door and a character, and the toolset works in tandem with this understanding.

Dundjinni comes with many textures you can assign to your walls and floors, many characters, and many objects to place in your adventure or dungeon.

How do I make an adventure?

We think one of the ingenious elements of Dundjinni is how an adventure gets created.

First, make your map. Populate your map with objects, like chairs and tables and pits and characters. Click on the pit to assign it characteristics. Same goes for characters, monsters, doors, etc.

Then, using the Room Key feature, you can identify an area of your map as a single room. Dundjinni assigns it a number and automatically understands the contents of that room for what they are. Add a read-aloud description to your room, tactics and etc.

How much does Dundjinni cost? And when can I buy it?

Dundjinni is $40. You can buy it online for download in either a PC or Mac version. We also have a hybrid Mac/PC CD version that we ship to US addresses. In December it will be available at retail stores around the world through Alliance and other distributors.

Didn't Dundjinni used to come in three versions? What happened to Platinum?

Many customers were confused by three versions, and most just purchased the most expensive (Platinum) version anyway. Now you can simply buy Dundjinni for PC or Dundjinni for Mac, then buy additional art packs as your mapping needs grow. To get the equivalent of the old Platinum version, buy Dundjinni ($40) plus the Castle-Temple-Village Art Pack bundle ($30).

What's an Art Pack?

An Art Pack is a collection of new objects and textures for you to choose from when making maps. The base product include two Art Packs: Dungeon and Wild. Others are available and more are always under development.

What's a Token Pack?

Tokens represent characters or monsters. They can be printed with a map or separately (for use as a game-time playing aid). A Token Pack is a collection of more tokens for use with Dundjinni.

What's a Stat Pack?

Stat Packs streamline the task of adding monsters to your adventure. Rather than manually entering the mosters stat block, just select the monster from a list, and its stats are filled in for you. (Of course you can further customize your mosters). Stat Packs include moster data from a variety of popular third-party d20 sources such as the Monsternomicon or Book of Fiends.

Do I need an art pack to use Dundjinni?

No. The base utility comes with two art packs, Dungeon and Wild, that should meet most of your mapping needs. But if you want to further customize your creations, then sure, an art pack is a great idea. Note, there are several art packs from user-created art available for free on our User Art page.

How much does an art pack cost?

It depends on the pack. Some packs have a more objects in them than others. But most will be priced between $5-15 – about what you’d play for an adventure module.

Will there be any other way to get objects for Dundjinni?

Yes. We offer a free download every week. Check the home page. The free download can come in many flavors. A complete map, or a good adventure written by a member of the community, or a new art object drawn by one of our artists here. We also have free art packs comprise exclusively of user-created art on our User Art page.

Is Dundjinni the answer to the long lost Master Tools?

Not directly. eTools is aimed primarily at the player side of the D&D utility universe. Updates and patches for eTools are now handled by Code Monkey Publishing.

Dundjinni handles the GM side of the utility universe. While Dundjinni does allow you to create, edit and change character, monster and treasure stat blocks for your adventures, it doesn't figure out what your flatfooted hit bonus is for your +4 spoon of dervish-energy-wielding 23rd level anti-anti paladin dragon vampire.

What is Wizard's take on Dundjinni?

Although Wizard's had no development or financial involvement this time around with Fluid's latest, we're happy to have their sign off and be a part of the D20 family. And we're still all talking on the phone and working together. Scott (Mathews, President, Fluid Entertainment) and Mary (Kirchoff, Vice President, Wizard's of the Coast and in charge of Dungeons and Dragons), are still good buddies and would share Nanaimo recipes if they ever had any free time.

Everything's cool.

So who is publishing Dundjinni?

We're offering the product ourselves this time around. And we're pretty happy about that, because as a smaller entity, it permits us to listen more closely to what the community wants and act on it. It also permits us to ship the product and updates on our own timetable.

And who is Fluid?

Fluid Entertainment is a small group of designers, programmers, and artists with many years of experience in the software game industry. As a company, Fluid has been making software for gamers, including for RPG players, for five years. Although D&D players will probably know us best as the developer of the Character Generator included with the Player's Handbook and eTtools (both developed for Wizards of the Coast) our titles have included various Pokemon, Harry Potter, Powerpuff Girls, and Arthur titles.

Why another foray into the world of D&D?

Because several Fluidites (including Scott Mathews, the President) love D&D and think the community has continually gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to software. We feel that with the advent of all this technology, you just shouldn't have to work that hard to get your campaign and adventures up and running. We love making stuff on the computer for D&D and want to share those efforts.

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